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XR DOMAINS (Extended Reality Digital Real Estate) (XR) Extended Reality is an umbrella term for (AR) Augmented Reality, (VR) Virtual Reality, & (MR) Mixed Reality. Mixing physical worlds with virtual environments is our global computing platform of the future, otherwise known as (XR) Extended Reality.

XR DOMAINS (Extended Reality Digital Real Estate) The use cases of Extended Reality are infinite: Healthcare, Education, Webinar, Automotive, Enterprise, Business, Telepresence, Training, AI, Gaming, Casinos, Real Estate, Culinary, Hospitality, Travel, Interior Design, Fashion, Retail, Aviation, Aerospace, Engineering, Construction, Sports, Film, TV, Art, Music, Dance, Dating, Social Media, Family, Fitness, Advertising, & Brand Engagement. The potential for (XR) Extended Reality is limitless. With a market projection of $200 billion by 2022, many believe (XR) is set to be the most disruptive technology of the near future.

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